Monday, March 27, 2006

I have returned from Indianapolis, and I have returned with more than a suitcase full of dirty laundry...much, much more. To try and describe this emotion, this kind of high, I'm quite certain is impossible. However, I will tell you about the incredible, life changing experience I had.

I want to start with the best part, but the best comes toward the end and I feel I should start at the beginning. Suspense anyone?

My first plane ride, Wednesday, was quite inconsequential, much as I had expected. This day was full just a bunch of waiting around and getting used to the new atmosphere.

Thursday morning we had chair auditions. I was nervous, but I had a very good audition. I played all of the notes well and thought I had done spectacular. Much to my surprise I received last chair in the first violin section. But as I was sitting in a rehearsal I realized, that I was sitting last chair because I was bad, I was sitting there because everyone else was just that good. For the first time in my life the audition was not about who messed up the least.

Our first rehearsal with Ben Zander was later that night. It was incredible. Ben Zander is truly an amazing man. He genuinely cares about every single person in the orchestra. He came up and talked to me after the rehearsal and I told about how I auditioned for the orchestra specifically to meet Christopher O'Riley, my hero, my idol, an absolute musical genius. Maestro Zander was very impressed by this.

Skipping ahead to the best part....Our last rehearsal on Friday night: I knew Christopher O'Riley would be coming in during the middle of the rehearsal. I rarely took my eyes off the door. I wanted to be the first person to be aware of his arrival. And then he did. My face must have gone absolutely pale, because I felt that my heart might stop cold. I looked back at another girl in my section and she just smiled at me, she knew just how much this meant to me. He sat down and started playing with us and I watched his face as he played. My goodness! It was like you knew exactly what he was feeling by watching his face. It was incredible.

Then at the break I got up to go introduce myself. I think I was actually so nervous that I never technically introduced myself; I just started telling him how wonderful he was and what an honor to play with him it was. Then Ben Zander walks by and stops to say, "This is the one! This is the one I told you about! She came here for you!" He had already told him about me! How incredible! Mr. O'Riley and I continued to talk and he told me about his upcoming albums and practicing earlier that day. He talked to me as if we were not meeting for the first time and as if he weren't this famous musician and I weren't just some young fan. It was truly incredible. Then I got my picture taken with him.

Later after the rehearsal he played some of his pieces for us. It was incredible. I had been listening to those very songs on my ipod earlier that day, and now I am hearing him, the actually person, play these songs in person. How incredible! His fingers are like lightening. Even in the slower songs there is still a really fast background part. He is so amazing.

Then afterward, I was afraid I would have nothing for him to sign, so I found a random blank paper for him to sign. He asked my name to sign it, and I gave it to him. Then he says, "Oh, that is my sister's name." That was pretty cool. The he introduced me to his lovely fiancee, Michelle. She was also incredible nice to me. I went back to the hotel room that night and cried because I was so excited.

Saturday night was the concert. We went on stage and performed late that night, and after he played and got a standing ovation, it was all I could do not to cry right there on stage. I couldn't hold it back though. I hope no one saw that.

Then afterward my dad graciously loaned my money to go and get his new album, that isn't even in stores yet. He signed it, and he didn't even have to ask my name to sign it, he already knew it. I got a picture of him signing it. And then I shaked his hand once more and told him how much of a pleasure it was to play with him. Then I went and cried again.

Later I went back to the table where he was signing and talked with him for awhile. We walked down to the reception together, talking about my future as a musician. He gave me so many encouraging words. It was truly amazing. And his fiance, she was just so nice to me. Then later after talking to me for awhile, he hugs me. He hugged me! Wow! Then, Michelle hugs me! It was absolutely great. Later I got another picture of him with Ben Zander. It was such a great night. He was preparing to leave, and he was sure to say goodbye to me before he left. He was great and so considerate. It was such a dream come true.

I already looked at his schedule of concerts and am going to amke a trip out to Oregon in August to see him play again. I am so excited.

I thought I had my life figured out before. I was going to go to college here or possibly in San Francisco, but pro'bly here. Now, now I don't know. Now I really want to go to the New England Music Conservatory. I want to see the country and travel more. I don't know that I want to teach at a university. I have way more options than I thought. My mind set is completely different. I feel like a completely different person. This was just such an incredibly life changing experience.

If you are not familiar with Christopher O'Riley, I strongly encourage you to visit his website at .

Virginia Faith at 11:59 AM


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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I am going to take this brief moment to act like a total girl. I just got the prom pictures that we took at the actual dance itself. Not only do I look totally hot, but he looks totally hot, AND we look totally hot together. I'm very happy he was the one to accompany me. It would never have been the same with anyone else.

Virginia Faith at 11:56 AM


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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

By the way, I would like the thank my dear friend, the tall and hansome tuba player, for a wonder and incredibly fun night.

Virginia Faith at 12:36 PM


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n : the feeling of being bored by something tedious [syn: ennui, tedium]

This is how I feel, except forget by something tedious. You can replace those words with everything. I am so easily irritated by things and people right now, more than usual. I just had possibly the best night of my life as of yet. I should be happy. But instead I am being forced the face the fact that is I may never get any closer to the one person I have met that I have clicked with on every level. For once in my life I can go past the normal superficial conversation and talk about something that matters. But it doesn't mater. Why doesn't it matter?...because I'm stuck in high school. I could be upstairs making pointless conversation with my friends right now, but what would it matter. Nothing would change by it. My presence would have no bearing. My absense also has no bearing. It is for this reason that I sit here, at computer number twenty, typing away my lunch hour, dwelling on the lack of deepth in this semester of my high school experience.

Virginia Faith at 12:21 PM


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