Monday, December 19, 2005

Fortune cookie: The only way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.

Unfortunately I do realize this and that is my biggest problem. I am too afraid of losing his friendship. I am tired of being tactful. Can't we just always be completely honest with people about feelings without having to worry about rejection? It's not even the rejection so much as the potential humiliation. I definitely disagree with this fortune. Realizing that love might be lost stands in the way of love. Lost and love are enemies. It's like lost is Satan and love is God. Lost will do anything to get in the way of love's work, and it is the people working for the purpose of love that get the consequences.

Virginia Faith at 10:12 PM


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Monday, December 12, 2005

I cannot begin to describe to you the amount of stress this production has caused me. I have had endless arguments with people I usually have no problem tolerating. I have experienced frequent frustration from rehearsals being canceled with out any notice. I have been angered to the point of screaming because of sound problems. I have gone days this past week where all I had time to eat was a couple of crackers, and that would be I would get to eat all day. Needless to say I have lost quite a bit of weight this week.

Regardless of the endless pain this production has caused me, nothing beats standing backstage behind a curtain with 30 seconds before I go on stage, my heart beating, my stomach flipping, and in my mind I begin to worry about every possible thing that could go wrong. But then I strut on stage like it is mine to own, and I look out into the audience with the lights flaring down on me, and all I have the capacity to think about is the way I am relating with the audience.

This single feeling is what makes all the time, all the stress, all the frustration worth it in the end.

Virginia Faith at 10:16 PM


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Sunday, December 04, 2005

I am trying to put this picture as my opening picture now. This was once the skin on Tim's blog and I just happened to have it saved on my computer. But for me to put this picture into my html it has to be located in the web. Well now it is. We shall see if this works.

Virginia Faith at 6:35 PM


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Saturday, December 03, 2005

"I like playing what you write," says a girl with long, wavy hair after rehearsal as Haskell breezes past her on the way to the copy machine.

Without stopping, he returns the salute: "I like writing for you."

Haskell says she plays tuba and electric violin and is one of the top 50 high school musicians in the country. "There isn't any music for concert electric violin," Haskell says. "So I had to create it."

- From this week's copy of the Reno News&Review

Yes that is correct, this article is talking about me. Though it doesn't actually say my name anywhere in the article, and it calls me "the girl with wavy hair" rather than "the girl with curly hair", I was still very flattered he called me "one of the top 50 musicians in the country". The other flaw of the article is that it never once mentions the time or place of the performance for Edge!, even though Edge! Is the topic of the article. So I feel it is my responsibility to do so.
Thursday Dec 8 7pm @ the Reno High School Little Theater
Friday Dec 9 7pm @ the Reno High School Little Theater
Saturday Dec 10 2pm @ the Reno High School Little Theater
Monday Dec 12 7pm @ the Reno High School Little Theater
The cover is $3 at the door, but it will be well worth it. The show is going to be awesome. Please come and support the girl with the long wavy hair.

Virginia Faith at 11:14 PM


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Apparently people need a little lesson in common courtesy, because it has recently become apparent that certain people have none. I go out to my car after school, and it had been raining during the day so my window was wet. When I get in my car I go to turn on my window wipers, but a lot of good that did. Somebody had stolen my window wipers. Now I'm not really sure if this happened over the four day weekend or there at school, so I couldn't go and report it to the school police. So I am flustered and I get out of my car to wipe off my window. I go to get back in my car, and the door is locked. Unfortunately it does not end here. Not only am I locked out of my car, but my car is still running. It's a good thing I had enough gas in my tank. My mother had to come down from work and unlock my car. Now, none of this would have happened had someone been a little more mature and courteous, and not STOLEN MY WINDOW WIPERS!

I love it when past crushes just pop up into my life again. It was such a pleasant surprise to see my very attractive clarinet friend again. I had forgotten that he had the ability to make anyone feel like they were the most important person in the world by merely hugging them. Past tense of draw, opposite of east, feel free so pop up in my life whenever you want to.

Honor Band auditions...If any other tuba player from my school had beaten me in HB auditions, oh boy would there have been hell to pay. But that didn't happen, luckily for them. I left the audition room feeling like I nailed the audition and I was going to get a great chair this year. Did that happen though? No. For the third year in a row I am last chair, that is sixth chair. Yes you read it --6, 6, 6. Aside from this being the mark of beast, it just sucks. Oh well, at least I am in. Plus it gave me a chance to hang out with some very attractive boys( a couple of tuba players, a bassoonist, a couple of oboe players). Nope, It wasn't all bad.

We seriously practiced the Messiah till 9:50. Okay, when it is that late, practicing is absolutely pointless. I was so brain dead after that. Aside from my fatigue, my clarinet friend wasn't there, and I was so looking forward to seeing him. If he had been there, it would have made the extensive rehearsal worth it.

First of all...YES! Oh how I love Friday. I am very sad that my tall friend is chopping off his hair today. He is pro'bly right in saying, if it were up to me, no one would ever get a hair cut. I'm sure his hair will still be good. I don't think there is much you can do to make him less attractive, but still, longer hair = better.

Yes, I think that about sums up the week.

Virginia Faith at 5:26 PM


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