Thursday, January 20, 2005

Main Entry: frustration
Pronunciation: (")fr&s-'trA-sh&n
Function: noun

Date: 1555
1 : the act of frustrating
2 a : the state or an instance of being frustrated b : a deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs
3 : something that frustrates

I am so incredibly frustrated right now. I honestly think he is the worst thing that has ever happened to Reno High. I didn't like him much before, but now there isn't a single part of me that has any respect for him. This is not the first time he has let me down. I can identify his major flaw in just a few simple words: he is unreliable. I know, now I'm the one jumping to conclusions, but what other conclusion is there? That he's the innocent party? Previous experiences tell me that this is false. He is the one at fault here, and if he weren't my elder and a man I am obligated to show respect for, even if I have none for him, I would surely share with him my frustrations.

Virginia Faith at 6:38 PM


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Friday, January 14, 2005

Today was an overall interesting day. There were some very disappointing moments; there were some wild goose chases; and there were some surprisingly wonderful moments. People say some really awful things when they are stressed out -- really awful, hurtful, offensive things. I was made really upset today by a horrible remark made to me about a person who has taught me so much about music in the little time I was able to work with him. I lost a tremendous amount of respect towards the person who made the comment. I still remain very disturbed by the remark. Later my violin was mixed up with another peer's violin. I had to track him down and go to his house to retrieve my violin. At least that was an easy fix. But I am relatively calm now because of one change that made my day remarkably less horrible. A good friend of mine (I highly doubt that is a mutual feeling) was unusually friendly to me today. He actually wanted to socialize with me. He actually offered his assistance. I don't think he pissed me off once all day, and that is really saying something. Our friendship was like that about a year ago. We could actually tolerate each other for longer than an hour. We didn't get into large arguments about dumb issues. I actually felt some-what important. This is how it was for me today. All of these things were in appliance to today. It was great to have that sense of friendship. I hope there are more days like today in that sense.

Virginia Faith at 11:11 PM


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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Main Entry: con~fu~sion
Pronunciation: k&n-'fyu-zh&n
Function: noun
Date: 14th century
1 : an act or instance of confusing
2 a : the quality or state of being confused b : a confused mass or mixture
- con·fu·sion·al /-'fyuzh-n&l, -'fyu-zh&-n&l/ adjective

Know the feeling?

Virginia Faith at 10:20 PM


Hell yes. I never know what's going on anymore, not even in my own life!

By Blogger uyov, at 7:29 PM  

Lovely seeing you tonight.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:43 PM  

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Happy New Year!!! Yey for '05!

Virginia Faith at 1:31 AM


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